Australian Metal Processors trading as Coil Processors is the latest company to join the Southern Steel Group, acquired in February 2013.  The facilities are purpose built and located at Warragamba in New South Wales to provide a complete package of processing services for stainless steel, aluminium, coated and un-coated carbon steel sheet and coil products.

Our people are our competitive advantage.  All CP employees have been hand picked following rigorous assessment of their professional and interpersonal skills. They are trained to the very highest levels of safety, customer service, and operating competency.

As well as state of the art equipment for your processing needs, CP has the technical back-up of some the world's largest producer's of stainless steel, aluminium and coated carbon steel products, as well as on site expertise. 

The Service Centre has 4 processing lines:

1. Plate Line (cut to length)

  • Maximum coil weight - 13.5 ton
  • 2.1mm to 6mm thick steel
  • Maximum width - 1,830mm
  • Plate cut to length - 1.142m to 12m
  • Re-strap Maximum - 3mm thickness

2. Sheet Line (cut to length)

  • Maximum coil weight - 12.5 ton
  • 0.32mm to 2.5mm thick steel & aluminium
  • Maximum width - 1,550mm
  • Sheet cut to length - 0.300m to 6m
  • Re-strap Maximum - 2.0mm x 1,550mm

3. Recoil

  • Maximum coil weight - 12.5 ton
  • 0.3mm - 3mm x 1,550mm wide
  • Re-strap Maximum - 3mm x 1,550mm
  • Recoil - 500kg Minimum to 12,500kg Maximum
  • Recoil Carbon Steel - Minimum thickness 0.32mm and maximum thickness 3mm.  500kg Minimum and 12,500kg maximum.
  • Recoil Aluminum - Yes

4. Slitting

  • Maximum coil weight - 12.5 ton
  • 0.3mm - 3mm x 1,550mm wide
  • Minimum slit width 25mm
  • Maximum slit width 1,480mm or within 20mm of coil width
  • 0.3mm - 3mm x 1,500mm wide (aluminium).
  • Minimum slit width 45mm (1.20mm to 3mm)

 5. Pollishing

  • Stainless and Aluminium Coil Polishing
  • Maximum Coil weight – 8tn
  • 0.45mm – 3mm x 1,800mm wide
  • Recoil – 500kg Minimum
  • Film application – Yes
  • Double sided polishing – Yes